At least 14 capitals will not have a New Year

On Monday 29 capital cities such as Salvador had already announced the cancellation of the parties On Tuesday 30 Recife and Belém among others took a similar decision According to the mayor of the capital of Edmilson Rodrigues.

PSOL the change took place as a result of the uncertainty brought about by the new variant Within the responsibility that has always guided our actions in relation to the confrontation with Covid19 we are suspending the realization of Carnival and the New Years party in Belém he said on Twitter

The discovery of the new strain of the virus boosted plans to avoid agglomerations which were already taking place throughout the month more than 70 Paulo municipalities had already given up on Carnival including entered the list yesterday

The WHO World Health Organization sent an alert to governments yesterday pointing out the very high global risk But he pointed out that there is little concrete evidence about the possibility that the new strain is more transmissible or escapes vaccines.

Given the arrival of a new variant of the coronavirus and the increase in cases in Europe Im taking the decision to cancel this years Virada Salvador wrote the Salvadoran mayor Bruno Reis.

DEM on social networks event usually brings together more than 250 thousand people Reis expects to postpone the decision on Carnival as much as possible he wants to hit the sledgehammer with the governor of Bahia Rui Costa PT Pressured by industry businessmen Costa has already signaled caution.

On Friday the government of Ceará announced the cancellation of the traditional Festa da Virada on Iracema beach in Fortaleza We even considered the possibility of holding our traditional turnaround party if the situation allowed said Mayor José Sarto PDT The international scenario is worrying.

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