VAAR Supplement Launch 80 Student Participation Cource

Classes in schools participating in the application of the Basic Education Assessment System Saeb they will not need to comply with the minimum 80 student participation to receive the VAAR supplement

Due to the new high school format as of 2022 the information calculated based on the 2025 Saeb must be progressively measured
The Saeb is a test applied every two years to students in the 5th and 9th years of elementary school and the 3rd year of high school from the public network and to a sample from the private network

For the author of the project the changes will enable the support of municipalities and states to education professionals With the agreement reached it was possible to include psychologists and social workers among those who will be able to count on more resources from the new Fundeb said Professora Dorinha

An amendment was also approved to include Sistema S schools among those whose enrollments may be considered for the purposes of apportioning Fundeb resources

Regarding the distribution of the annual amount per student VAAF and the total annual amount per student VAAT one of the indicators for apportionment between states and municipalities the potential tax collection of federal entities can only be used from 2027

Thus until then the other parameters are valid socioeconomic level of the students and indicators of availability of resources linked to the education of each federated entity

Another adjustment made by the project is on the date of sending information on expenses incurred in the penultimate fiscal year for purposes of defining the total annual amount per student VAAT for the following fiscal year Instead of April 30th federative entities will be able to feed the information systems Siconfi and Siope until August 31st

The calculation of two indicators that the federated entity must comply with in order to define the apportionment of the federal resources of Fundeb will be carried out by two federal agencies

the National Education Development Fund FNDE regarding the availability of resources based on the total annual amount per student VAAT.

the National Treasury Secretariat STN regarding the use of tax collection potential based on sociodemographic and economic characteristics

PL 341821 also changes the list of professionals who may receive up to 70 of Fundebs resources as part of the teaching valorization policy
Instead of referring to professionals listed in the Law of Guidelines and Bases of Education LDB as stated in the permanent Fundeb law the text specifies that they will have the right when in effective exercise in basic education teaching networks.

professionals in the exercise of direct pedagogical support functions for teaching school management or administration planning inspection supervision educational guidance coordination and pedagogical advice and professionals in technical administrative or operational support functions.

In order to provide more legal certainty for the payment of salaries salaries and benefits of any nature to these professionals the project creates an exception to the prohibition that Fundeb resources cannot be transferred to accounts other than those created specifically to use the resources.

Regarding the fulfillment of conditionalities for counting enrollments in nonprofit community confessional or philanthropic schools the project provides that they must prove these conditions to be validated by the state or municipal Executive Branch before the agreement and the transfer of funds received in the under the Fundeb

Among the conditions are offering equal conditions for free access to all its students prove nonprofit purpose and apply their financial surplus in education ensure the allocation.

Assets to another similar school in the event of the closure of its activities meet minimum quality standards and have certification as a social assistance charity

In the plenary vote the highlights that tried to change the project were rejected

amendment by Deputy Rejane Dias PTPI intended to include psychologists and social workers among professionals paid with 70 of Fundeb resources

PT highlighted the intention to remove from the text the possibility of payment with Fundeb resources of professionals in the exercise of functions of direct pedagogical support to teaching due to its scope

Amendment by Deputy Eduardo Cury PSDBSP intended to allow states and municipalities to use private banks to move Fundeb resources.

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