Hackers deleted nearly 100,000 documents from the PRF system

A cyber attack against the PRF (Federal Highway Police) led to the loss of 97,900 documents that were in the corporation’s electronic system. The discovery took place during the analysis of damages related to the criminal onslaught, which also targeted other government agencies, such as the Ministry of Health and the Federal Police, and took place on the last day 10.

The information was obtained exclusively by R7 from sources linked to the investigations PGR defends Bolsonaro’s investigation over ballot box talks This Tuesday (21) the technology teams managed.

Re-establish the SEI (Electronic Information System), used to check information on drivers, vehicles and members of the agency.

The Federal Police also had their data affected by hackers. The investigations to reach the authors involve members of the PF itself and the GSI (Institutional Security Office).

The suspicion is that one server, or more than one, with privileged access to government systems has carried out the attacks or collaborated with them. Preliminary investigations identified authorized access to systems that were damaged, which could mean that the attacker had access credentials. Data excluded from the PRF involves driver, vehicle and police data.

Says he will take a course to prepare himself to be a politician SEI is used by both the PRF and the PF and the databases are contracted from private companies. At least two companies were targeted by the attacks. The method used would have been a ransomware attack, when the system is invaded and information is stolen to later be requested a ransom in cryptocurrencies.

In a statement, the PRF confirmed that a “security incident” had occurred in one of its databases and reported that as soon as the incident was identified, the action was blocked. The corporation maintains that it has not identified any data leakage.


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