Former SP Governor Marcio is Targeted by Police Operation

One of the targets of an operation carried out by the Civil Police of São Paulo this Wednesday morning 5 Operation XRay investigates alleged deviations in the health sector The former governors brother Cláudio França is also one of the names investigated.

The police carry out 34 search and seizure warrants and among the addresses investigated are some related to the former governor in the capital and in Baixada Santista In addition to the Civil Police the Public Prosecutors Office and the General Administrative.
Office are involved in the operation that investigates crimes of conspiracy embezzlement and money laundering

According to the Secretariat of Public Security of São Paulo search and seizure warrants are being carried out in the regions of Araçatuba Campinas Capital and Presidente Prudente The investigations are proceeding under judicial secrecy

Raio X is an offshoot of an investigation by the Civil Police of Araçatuba in the interior of São Paulo which investigates crimes of embezzlement criminal organization and money laundering

In a statement press office criticized the operation and denied that the former governor had any relationship with companies or people targeted by the investigation There is no other name for a mess due to false allegations that certain authorities with fear of losing the elections have produced the events that took place this morning in my house

The former governor said through his advisor that the operation has a politicalelectoral nature I do not have or have had any commercial or legal relationship with the legal and natural persons who are the target of the investigation It is regrettable that an election for the Government of São Paulo begins with these scenes of abuse of political power

services and is not liable for any criminal proceedings I am not the target of any operation as I am a private lawyer I have no relationships or links with public services I have no relationship with the medical or health field

Ive been warning for some time that a criminal group in São Paulo is trying to stop me from expressing the truth They know I don’t agree with them that they want to take over the State of São Paulo If its up to me they wont be able.

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