Authorized MP that allows direct purchase of ethanol from producers

This Thursday 25th the Chamber of Deputies approved a provisional measure that authorizes gas stations to buy hydrated ethanol directly from producers or importers dispensing with the currently mandatory intermediation of distributors The text is now going to be analyzed by the Federal Senate

Government creates biokerosene production incentive program
The country already has a gas station that sells ethanol more expensive than gasoline
With an average of R721 DF has the second most expensive gasoline in the country
As it is a provisional measure the changes were already in effect since August 11 the date of publication To become permanent legislation the proposal needs to be urgently approved within 120 days at the risk of losing its validity This is because the MP is only valid until December 9th

The proposal goes to the Senate with some changes The part of the text that initially allowed gas stations with a commercial brand flag of a distributor to also sell fuel from other suppliers even if this was informed to consumers was removed

For the proposals rapporteur Augusto Coutinho SolidariedadePE the government believes that this could cheap fuel prices Opposition parties are challenging the idea that a post with a particular flag sells products under a different brand

Another change was the incidence of the contribution to the PISPasep Programs for Social Integration and Formation of Public Servant Heritage and Cofins Contribution for Social Security Financing on anhydrous ethanol when destined for blending with gasoline According to the government the objective is to equalize the tax incidence between domestic and imported products

One of the devices that were included in the MP also allows the retail resale of gasoline and hydrated ethanol outside the authorized establishment without geographic and terrestrial limitations The measure still needs to pass through the regulation of the ANP National Agency of Petroleum Natural Gas and Biofuels

final cost
A promise by President Jair Bolsonaro the direct sale of ethanol from mills to gas stations had been debated since 2019 The governments intention is to increase competition in the sector

For deputy Augusto Coutinho the objective is to reduce the final cost of fuel Direct sales to service stations is a good initiative You have a region that has mills that can sell to service stations throughout the region making freight costs cheaper he stated

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