Chamber of Deputies Approved Bill On Wednesday

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday 8 the bill that postpones to 2024 the definition of new indexes for the apportionment of Fundeb resources Fund for the Maintenance.

Development of Basic Education in terms of the annual value per student between stages modalities duration of the day and types of educational establishment the proposal PL 341821 will be sent to the Senate.

The approved text is the substitute for the rapporteur deputy Vieira ProsMA who authorizes the use of Fundeb resources for the payment of remuneration.

Psychologists and social workers working in schools as provided for in Law 1393519 For this the states the Federal District and the municipalities must use part of the 30 of the fund not linked to the salaries of education professionals.

However the rule that a portion of these resources must be applied to capital expenditures equipment for example still applies.

Authored by Deputy Professor Dorinha Seabra Rezende DEMTO the project passes the date of updating the permanent Fundeb law Law 1411320 from October 2021 to October 2023.

For fiscal 2023 learning improvement indicators that allow for the transfer of additional resources VAAR supplementation will be defined by regulation to account for the impacts of the Covid19 pandemic on educational outcomes.

When situations of public calamity natural disasters or force majeure exceptionalities occur at the national level that do not allow the normal performance of pedagogical activities.

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